Doctor Who Returns to Kansas

America’s newest Doctor Who convention will return in 2016 by popular demand. Over 1,100 fans packed into the Best Western North Wichita this October to meet a host of stars from the shows’ past and present including Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Peter Purves, and Ellis George. The venue will remain the same for next year’s convention but the vendor’s area will be expanded, the events line-up enhanced, and beer and wine will be available for the over 21 crowd.

Other exciting additions include a Doctor Who musical extravaganza, a sci-fi mystery dinner, and more participatory events involving guests and attendees. You can save $25 on three day passes and vendor tables by entering the discount code K9 on the registration page. This huge discount is only available until Thanksgiving 2015. We are assembling an amazing array of guests and events so don’t delay, buy your Time Eddy II tickets today.

Between 2-4 October 2015, over 1,100 hardy souls made their way to Wichita to meet the Doctor (Colin Baker) and his companions Steve, Jamie, Victoria, Dr Grace, Courtney and Peri. Sonic screwdriver creator Victor Pemberton was in attendance as was Andrew Cartmel. Dr Behrman of WSU delivered a lecture on time travel, while convention circuit favorites MC Peter Pixie, Gel E Bean, and Bill Breuer kept the fans entertained. Here are some snippets of the press coverage we received. Click the highlighted sections to read the whole article.

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N Conrad
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