Birds of a Feather — ITV Comedy Review


Upstairs Downstairs, Absolutely Fabulous, Open All Hours, yes the BBC have revived a number of long dead shows over the past few years. Tonight, ITV got in on the act with a revived version of the BBC 90s comedy classic Birds of a Feather. It’s been about 15 years since the BBC cancelled the show and yet the star trio (Linda Robson, Pauline Quirke and Lesley Joseph) looked basically the same. The onscreen chemistry was still there too although their sitz im leben had changed just a tad.

The Stubbs girls previously lived together after their partners were jailed for their role in an armed robbery. At the start of the Birds of a Feather reboot, Sharon is living alone in a shoebox sized bedsit. After a chance encounter with Dorien, Tracey takes pity on her sister and invites her back to the family home. After 30 seconds of family bliss, the sisters began arguing and it was suddenly as if the show had never been cancelled. The only thing missing was a knock on the door from Dorien but right on cue, the ex-neighbor turned novelist was banging down the door with a boatload of problems of her own. Truth be told, I’d prefer to see something new but in the absence of creativity, I guess reviving another old classic is the next best thing.

N Conrad
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