Polly Walker Joins Mr Selfridge for Season Two

Mr Selfridge Season 2 ITV
Mr Selfridge Season 2 ITV

Rome’s Polly Walker is set to cause a stir in season two of ITV’s Mr Selfridge. The actress — who achieved notoriety for her saucy portrayal of Atia — will play nightclub owner Delphine Day. Her establishment has a reputation for sordid goings-on and Day is only to happy to propogate the rumors.

Meanwhile, Mr Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) is doing his best to salvage is ailing marriage. His wife (Frances O’Connor) though falls under the spell of Delphine Day and becomes more interested in female empowerment than salvaging her home-life. Things aren’t any calmer in the store where a new head of fashion (Cal MacAninch) is determined to stamp his authority on everything and everyone. The new season permieres early next year but you can get a taste of what’s to come by clicking the link below.

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