Lord Lucan Resurfaces on ITV

Lucan. co. ITV

Lucan. co. ITV

While Marple and Poirot have kept the British public entertained for decades, one real life murder has continued to fascinate the chattering classes — in part because it has never been solved. The unfortunate victim was Sandra Rivett while the alleged killer was high-society toff Lord Lucan. Rivett was the nanny to Lucan’s children and many people believe that Lucan bludgeoned her to death after mistaking her for his estranged wife. Guilty or innocent, the well-connected Lucan soon disappeared and his whereabouts remains a mystery to this day.

On Wednesday 11 December, ITV attempt to shed some light on the mystery with a new two-part drama centered around the events leading up to Rivett’s murder. Rory Kinnear (Southcliffe) plays the Harry Houdini like Hooray Henry while Catherine McCormack plays his wife. The cast also includes Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) and Michael Gambon (Harry Potter).

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