ITV Drama: Breathless

ITV Breathless

ITV Breathless

B Van Heusen

It’s 1961 and the characters at the center of the drama are career high flyers whose personal lives are full of sexual antics and dark secrets. No it’s not AMC’s Mad Men, it’s ITV’s new drama Breathless. Instead of advertising executives, the high flyers in Breathless are Doctors — gynaecologists to be precise and they’re working in an era when birth control was barely used and abortions were illegal.

At the heart of the action is Otto Powell (Jack Davenport)– a surgeon who performs backstreet abortions. He is assisted by Dr Charlie Enderbury (Shaun Dingwall) an anaesthetist who is happily married to nurse Lily (Joanna Page). Another nurse — Angela (Catherine Steadman) is shocked to learn about Otto’s after-hours procedures but she isn’t his only problem. Chief Inspector Mulligan (Iain Glen) is a character from Otto’s past and he is determined to dredge up dark secrets that could destroy his career and his family.
Breathless episode one will air on ITV on Thursday 10 October at 9pm. Click below for a preview.

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