Doc Martin Season 6 Episode 1 Review

Doc Martin Season 6

Doc Martin Season 6

N Conrad

“I know it’s not exactly the day you were hoping for …” Oh dear, Doc Martin could never be accused of being overly dramatic but his description of his wedding was something of an understatement.

Everything seemed to be going well until the Doc (Martin Clunes) and Louisa (Caroline Katz) set off on their honeymoon. The suitably silly scenes that followed included a mishap with a chicken coup and a run-in with a farmer brandishing a shotgun. Louisa’s snow-white wedding dress was soon decorated with a combination of mud, chicken feathers and farmer’s blood while the Doc ended up looking like a half-baked penguin. However, they got off lightly compared with the farmer who endured a dislocated shoulder and a slit throat as a consequence of his run-in with Doc Martin. TV’s longest running on-again, off again romance may have finally been settled but their’s still plenty of drama left in the Doc Martin tank.

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