New BBC Drama: The White Queen

The White Queen. BBC

The White Queen. BBC

N Conrad

Prepare for a summer full of combat, crown jostling and courtiers as the BBC’s much anticipated historical epic The White Queen hits the airwaves. The 10 part series is an adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s fact based novel series The Cousin’s War.

At the center of the action is Elizabeth Woodville – a widow whose husband died fighting on behalf of the Lancastrians against the house of York. Homeless and destitute, Woodville sees an opportunity to reverse her fortunes when she has a chance encounter with her family’s greatest foe – King Edward IV. With the help of her mother – a sorceress – she ensnares the King and makes her way onto the nation’s throne. Her sense of triumph is short lived as the King’s chief aide The Earl of Warwick starts to plot against the newly crowned White Queen. Worse still, the powerful Margaret Beaufort is trying to raise an army to usurp power and install Henry Tudor as the King.

The BBC have put together a stellar cast for The White Queen that includes Tudors‘ villain James Frain as Warwick, Amanda Hale (Crimson Petal and the White) as Beaufort and newcomer Rebecca Ferguson as the title character. Episode one airs on Sunday 16 June at 9pm on BBC1. The Starz network will broadcast the show in the U.S. beginning on 10 August.

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