Foyle’s War: The Eternity Ring – Review

Foyle's War The Eternity Ring ITV

Foyle’s War The Eternity Ring ITV

N Conrad

Foyle’s War returned to ITV tonight with a bang – well an atomic explosion to be precise. The writer cleverly used this (nuclear) device to draw a line in the New Mexico sand and thus signal the re-birth of Foyle as a Cold War era super sleuth.

While viewers were no doubt pleased to see the return of Michael Kitchen as Foyle, his onscreen assistant Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks) was less than happy when her former boss caused her to get fired. She had been working for a nuclear physicist who was under investigation for sharing secrets with the Soviets. He got cold feet when he saw Foyle sniffing around and his unease was justified as it soon emerged that Foyle had himself been recruited to work for MI5. A few red herrings and a car accident later and our favorite 1940s detective was well on his way to Foyle-ing another attempted crime.

When a show has been off the air for three years there is always a danger that it will lose some of its magic. Fortunately, The Eternity Ring, had the look and the feel of a classic Foyle’s War episode with plenty of twists, turns and smoke filled rooms. It is almost as if the show never went away although on the downside we’re already a third of the way through the new season since it is just three episodes long!

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