Doctor Who and The Bells of St John on BBC1 and BBCA

Doctor Who The Bells of St John

Doctor Who The Bells of St John

B Van Heusen

Doctor Who returns on Easter Saturday – March 30 – in a new adventure written by current producer Steven Moffat. The Bells of St John sees the Timelord go head to head with the Spoonheads – a group of aliens who sound as if they have a connection to Button Moon. Jenna-Louise Coleman officially makes her debut as the Doctor’s new companion Clara, although she has already appeared as versions of the same character in two Who stories.

The Bells of St John is the first in a series of Doctor Who stories that are sure to get fan’s pulses racing during the show’s 50th anniversary year. The Cybermen will be back but fans of the classic series are more excited about the long awaited return of the Ice Warriors – almost 40 years after their last appearance in the show. Guest stars for the new season include Warwick Davies (Harry Potter), Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) and Dame Diana Rigg (The Avengers).

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