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Foyle's War

Foyle’s War

Kieran Kinsella

Last year, Acorn Media surprised some people but delighted many when they acquired the rights to ITV’s hit drama Foyle’s War. As part of the deal, Acorn persuaded Michael Kitchen and co. to sign on for a new series of the show which will air later this year. As long suffering fans will know, it has been three whole years since a new episode of the show hit the airwaves but you can refresh your memory of all things Foyle related by purchasing Acorn’s latest DVD boxset release. Foyle’s War: The Home Front Files includes all 22 previously broadcast episodes of the show. Acorn previously released the seven seasons of the UK show in six smaller DVD sets and alongside this mammoth boxset they are also re-releasing each of those sets in new slimline 3 or 4 disc packages.

If you’re unfamiliar with Foyle’s War, the title character is a World War I veteran who works as a police Chief Superintendent during World War II. While most of his countrymen are consumed with battling Hitler, Foyle attempts to maintain law and order in the town of Hastings. Over the course of the series, Foyle exposes racketeers and gangsters while taking time out to solve baffling murder mysteries. Given the War-time setting, it’s no surprise that most of the stand-alone stories involve run-ins with the military establishment and one or two encounters with Britain’s German foes. (Continued Below)

Foyle's War The Home Front Files  Acorn Media

Foyle’s War The Home Front Files Acorn Media

Foyle’s War is as much a character study of the detective at the heart of the action as it is a classic British murder mystery show. Writer Anthony Horrowitz is well renowned for creating complex psychological thrillers (such as Injustice) and Foyle’s War is a multi-layered cerebral drama that demands your undivided attention. Michael Kitchen (House of Cards) is perfectly cast as the stiff-upper lipped, duty bound detective. His co-stars including Honeysuckle Weeks (The Bill) and Anthony Howell (Wives and Daughters) work well as foils for him – if your pardon the pun. Additionally, the producers have never had any problems attracting A-list guest actors and James McAvoy (Shameless), David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Charles Dance (White Mischief) are just some of the household names who’ve appeared in the show. The way it’s written, you can watch any episode in isolation without feeling perplexed about ongoing story arcs. My personal favorite is War Games which is about a murder mystery involving a British firm that provides food to the Nazis. Emily Blunt (Victoria) is among the guest stars. However, if you buy this set then you might as well watch the episodes in the order over the course of several weeks or even a marathon TV watching weekend.

Foyle’s War: The Home Front Files extends to 22 discs and almost 37 hours of action. The bulk of it is the actual show but there are a number of noteworthy extra features in this boxset. These include interviews with Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Horowitz and Anthony Howell, and an illuminating behind-the-scenes feature. The boxset costs $149.99 which is a pretty good deal for seven years’ worth of episodes.

Last month Acorn Media released Maigret and I said that boxset was a must-have for lovers of all things British. The same could and should be said of this set. If you love British TV, you’ll really enjoy Foyle’s War. If you do buy it, do so soon so you’re up to speed before the new episodes air on PBS Masterpiece later in 2013. The boxset will be available from U.S. retailers on Tuesday 12 March.

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