Midsomer Murders Review: The Sicilian Defence

The Sicilian Defence. co. ITV Midsomer Murders

The Sicilian Defence. co. ITV Midsomer Murders

B Van Heusen

Midsomer Murders was back on TV tonight with a baffling murder mystery involving members of a chess club. In case you don’t know – The Sicilian Defence is actually a chess strategy. In this story, the killer brought chess pieces to life as the unfortunate pawns of Midsomer were knocked off one by one. While the killing strategy might sound quite cunning the down side to such a scheme is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the killer might be an avoid chess fan. Not sure if Baranaby ranks as a genius but he and Jones were astute enough to solve this one.

At some point they are going to run out of English village cliches to keep Midsomer Murders going but for now at least the good folks over at ITV seem to have plenty of gas left in the tank. They also seem to have no shortage of guests stars lining up to take on roles in these ever popular mysteries. The cast for this one included The Bletchley Circle’s Julie Graham and Cal Macaninich (Wild at Heart). The real stars thought were of course Jason Hughes, and Neil Dudgeon who is doing his best to help us get over the departure of John Nettles.

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