BBC Family Drama Review: Mr Stink

Mr Stink BBC One
Mr Stink BBC One

By Aislinn Kinsella

The BBC Christmas drama Mr. Stink was about an odorous beggar being helped by a kind teenage girl. She helped him by giving him and his dog Duchess sausages and eventually a place to sleep in her shed. While he was sleeping in the night, the girl (Chloe) began to unravel secrets from his past and discovered that he once was a rich Lord with a beautiful wife. Although the duo had a squabble over a visit to the laundry, Mr. Stink managed to bring happiness to Chloe’s family. This was no small achievement given her mother’s egocentricity (that’s what politics does to people) and the meddling of the British Prime Minister. Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville starred as the smelly title character in this heart warming and somewhat silly drama.

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