The Town Episode Two Review

The Town co. ITV

The Town co. ITV

N Conrad

In episode two of ITV’s The Town, Mark Nicholas (Andrew Scott) made the ghoulish decision to go and work at his late mother’s office. After snooping around her work space, he eventually got his hands on her personal items. Much to his chagrin, these included some photos of his mother canoodling with the police officer who was tasked with investigating her death.

Nicholas never would have found out about the affair if a meddlesome councilor hadn’t defied the Mayor (Martin Clunes) and saved the offending photos from the dumpster. We’re now left wondering whether the double suicide was what it appeared to be and if the police and the mayor’s office knew more about the incident then they cared to admit.

While the double suicide is the main focus of the story line, the characters are as captivating as the drama they are involved in. Jodie’s downward spiral, Mark’s on again, off again romance and Betty’s (Julia McKenzie) guilt are the glue that hold this thing together while the mystery element slowly unfolds.

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