BBC Review: The Hour Episode Four

Romola Garai in The Hour

Romola Garai in The Hour

N Conrad

After acting like a blaggard for the first half of The Hour season two, Hector finally reminded us – and his onscreen counterparts – that he has a human side. The troubled news anchor presented his former comrade in arms with an ultimatum, attempted to persuade his accuser to save herself, and he even found time to have a heart to heart with his estranged wife.

While Hector was having a road to Damascus moment, Bel and Freddie were trying to unravel a web of corruption and intrigue that seemed to envelop half of London. Unfortunately, the hapless duo soon realized they had fallen into a trap that had been set by the sinister Mr Cilenti. As the final credits rolled we were left to wonder whether it was too late for them to change course and redirect their focus towards the evil mastermind who has become the focal point of the entire series.

The BBC plan to air the last two episodes of The Hour next Wednesday and Thursday. With the unresolved Brown and Storm love child saga still dragging along, you have to wonder whether some or all of these story lines will carry on into The Hour season three – assuming there is one. If not, you better brace yourself for two really action packed episodes next week.

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