BBC Review: The Hour Season Two Episode Three

Ben Whishaw The Hour. co. BBC
Ben Whishaw The Hour. co. BBC

Grey Feeney

In tonight’s episode of The Hour, Hector (Dominic West) got a measure of revenge on the uniformed “friend” who helped frame him by confronting the fiend on live TV. While Hector will be seen as the face of the news shows’ apparent declaration of war on vice, it was actually Freddie (Ben Whishaw) who connected the dots and discovered the real reasons behind Hector’s arrest. It’s probably fair to say that the underworld won’t react well to all this publicity and you rather feel that Kiki (Hannah Tointon) will be the one to suffer the consequences.

As if Hector’s shenanigans weren’t enough to keep us entertained, we also learnt a little more about Mr Brown’s murky past. It turns out that Brown and Lix (Anna Chancellor) actually had a child together during the Spanish civil war. The child was given up for adoption and was last reported to be in France or Spain. Coincidentally, those nations are the very same nations that supply the majority of the “hostesses” at Hector’s favorite club. Based on the timeline, (20 years between the civil war and Sputnik) Brown’s long lost child would be about the same age as the girls in the nightclub. Could it be? Will they really go there? This could get pretty interesting.

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