PBS Review: Call The Midwife Episode Three

Call the Midwife. co. PBS

Call the Midwife. co. PBS

N Conrad

In Call the Midwife episode three Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) found herself in the uncomfortable position of having to hide a male friend in the convent. The nuns, the other nurses and even one of her patients assumed that Lee had found love but she was more concerned with another man: an elderly Boer war veteran named Joe. British comedian Roy Hudd took on the role of Joe and he brought an innocent charm to the character. Lee managed to get past her phobia of the insects that infested his home and formed quite a close bond with the old man although his story was to reach a sad and somewhat predictable conclusion.

While Joe’s tale was the focal point of episode three, there was time for Chummy to flirt a little with a local bobby and for Fred to set himself up in the toffee apple industry. The strength of the support characters is one of the factors that makes Call the Midwife such a good show. Additionally, the stories are written in such a way that hard hitting issues are handled tactfully without resorting to bad language or graphic images. Even though the lovable Joe lost his home, his legs and his life the show as a whole always has an underlying sense of optimism about it which means that Call the Midwife is fast becoming the Fall 2012 feel-good show.

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