BBC Review: Good Cop Part One

Warren Brown in The Good Cop

Warren Brown in The Good Cop

By K Kinsella

After a successful stint as a villain in BBC One’s Inside Men, Luther actor Warren Brown was back in familiar territory tonight as a cop confronting the darker side of Britain’s inner cities. In Good Cop, Brown’s nemesis is played by his Occupation co-star Stephen Graham. That award winning show helped to propel the duo into the British TV spotlight and both men were on top form tonight in this gripping crime drama.

John Paul Rocksavage – played by Brown – had to watch helplessly as his partner was brutally assaulted by a gang of thugs led by the malevolent Noel Finch (Graham). Rocksavage and Finch had some history as just days earlier the former made a timely intervention to prevent Finch sexually assaulting a young woman in a restaurant. The two unsavory incidents were enough to turn Rocksavage from a straight-laced cop into a cold blooded assassin. With Finch dispatched, Rocksavage’s problems were over … temporarily … until his colleagues began to investigate Finch’s killing.

Like Luther and Hidden, Good Cop is one of those shows that forces the viewer to re-examine interpretations of right and wrong. Brown brings a certain vulnerability to the role of Rocksavage that makes it easy for the viewer to side with him even though he has veered away from the laws that he has sworn to uphold. It will be interesting to see how this plays out but with Brown and Graham at the heart of the action it’s likely to be a hit.

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