PBS Masterpiece Review: Lewis – The Indelible Stain

Lewis The Indelible Stain

Lewis The Indelible Stain

By N Conrad

The 2012 PBS Masterpiece summer session wrapped up last night with the fourth and final installment of Inspector Lewis series five. The Indelible Stain saw Lewis having to investigate the murder of a controversial criminologist. As is so often the case in Lewis, the victim was a far from sympathetic character but the law is the law and Lewis wasted little time assembling a long list of suspects.

One of the great things about Lewis is that the two principal characters are very real. In this story, Lewis had to overcome his understandable fear of NHS dental treatment whilst attempting to resolve the murder of a contemptible human being. Being the honest, straight-forward bloke that he is, Lewis managed to do both and still find time for a quiet pint at the pub.

This was arguably the best story of the season. There were some strong performances from Harriet Madeley and David Soul while Laurence Fox offered further evidence that he is capable of carrying a show on his own. Now we have to wait for a few weeks for the return of Wallander.

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