Wallander Season 3 is coming to BBC1 and PBS

Sweden’s brooding detective is back in a new series comprised of three 90 minute long episodes. Kenneth Branagh returns to play the introspective detective who now boasts a new home and a new love interest. However, Wallander doesn’t get to enjoy the finer things in life for very long as three chilling cases soon appear on the horizon.

In An Event in the Autumn, Wallander investigates the murder of two Jane Does. The Dogs of Riga sees the cheery detective uncovering corruption in Latvia while his focus is much closer to home during Before the Frost in which he is tasked with solving a missing persons case involving one of his daughter’s childhood friends.

Wallander. copyright BBC

Wallander. copyright BBC

The BBC are keeping fans guessing about the UK air date. Kenneth Branagh told Graham Norton the show would air in April but a June premiere is now rumored to be in the works. PBS Masterpiece Mystery obviously feel that Wallander fans in the U.S. have enough mysteries to handle as it is and the network have announced that the show will air in most markets on consecutive Sundays starting from 9 September.

By B Van Heusen

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