ITV Drama Review: “Whitechapel” Season 3 Episode 1

Whitechapel. ITV

Whitechapel. ITV

B Van Heusen
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ITV’s top cop show Whitechapel is back and as season three began Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) finally gave his muse Buchan (Steve Pemberton) an official role as the departmental archivist. While Miles (Phil Davis) was skeptical of the appointment, Buchan soon proved his worth when he found compelling evidence to suggest that a massacre involving a tailor’s shop may have been a copy cat killing.

With the help of a voodoo lady, and Shaun Evans who recently took on the role of the young Inspector Morse, Chandler and Miles quickly deduced that the brother of one of the murder victims was the killer. David Schneider who is better known for his comic turns rather than his dramatic prowess was thoroughly convincing as the creepy killer who may or may not have some kind of supernatural powers. As episode one reached its conclusion, Marcus Salter (Schneider) somehow escaped from his cell and dispatched a few more victims in the closing moments of the show.

Unlike the previous seasons, Whitechapel season three will consist of six episodes and tonight’s installment was the first episode of a two-parter that will wrap up next week. While the idea that every killing in Whitechapel is somehow linked to a historic killing seems a little far fetched, most TV viewers (myself included) are happy to suspend disbelief for a bit if we are presented with good acting, exciting storylines and great dialogue. Whitechapel has all of those elements in abundance and season three looks set to be every bit as good as the past two seasons of the show.

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