PBS Masterpiece Mystery Review: Case Histories Episode One

PBS Case Histories

PBS Case Histories

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Tonight PBS Masterpiece Mysteries introduced American audiences to Britain’s favorite new private eye – Jackson Brodie. The Northern English former soldier makes a living by investigating alleged adultery, cold case murder mysteries and crimes that have been recently committed on the mean streets of Edinburgh. Case Histories’ Brodie is a ladies man who stumbles upon solutions and has Wallander-like bouts of soul-searching and introspection that can intrigue and alienate those around him. Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs, who normally plays villains, does a great job of bringing the likeable but flawed Brodie to life.

Tonight’s episode was at times tough to follow since Brodie had to solve three different mysteries over the course of a single (edited) episode. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to focus on show’s that are this well made and when you have guest stars of the caliber of Phil Davis then it’s hard to take your eyes of the action. That being said, the whole cold-case plot with the sisters was a tad fanciful but since when did good TV have to be wholly realistic?

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