BBC Drama Review: Case Histories Finale

Jason Isaacs in Case Histories. Co. BBC

Jason Isaacs in Case Histories. Co. BBC

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B Van Heusen

Last night ended on a cliffhanger which left us wondering if Brodie (Jason Isaacs) was going to go to jail as a result of an identity theft of sorts. The mix up was quickly resolved and the vagrant who stole his ID, was soon dead. The disturbed Mr Jones though was ultimately nothing more than a sideshow as Brodie and his teenage disciple took center stage.

We saw a darker side to Brodie in this story as he gave a teenage thug the Vinnie Jones treatment and a couple of Glasgow gangsters were given a Viking style send-off. Other moments of high drama saw one man get a Heath Ledger’s Joker-style pencil to the head and a scorned husband becoming an assassin.

From a selfish perspective, I kind of hoped that Case Histories would be a one-off because I want Jason Isaacs to have enough time to concentrate on doing what he does best – being a movie villain. However, the show has found a real momentum now and as it draws to a close I and many others are hoping that it becomes a long term feature of the BBC’s drama line up.

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